BioSleuths: Belleville

BioSleuths – Belleville: Pollination Party

Have you ever thought about pollination and how important it is? Today our students were able to role play and actively participate in a “pollination party”. The pollination party allowed for students to play as butterflies, grasshoppers, and bees thus allowing for a more hands on experience. Students not only understood the important of insects through the role playing but also through a comparison of produce images showing a world with bees and without bees.

Overall, students were able to understand the importance of insects in a flower life cycle and even human lives.

Ask your student:

What would happen if there were not bees? (we would have a lot less food in the produce section of the grocery store)

Name an animal that helps transfer pollen. (butterfly, moth, ant, wasp, beetle, fly,bird, bat)