STEMvironment-Thursday: The Power of Recycling

STEMvironment-Thursday: The Power of Recycling

Today in the Technology strand, students were placed in the role of Environmental Engineer and asked to apply the principles of recycling to making paper. If your student has brought home the paper in a plastic bag it still needs to dry. Remove it from the bag and leave it overnight. When the paper is completely dry it will feel hard and brittle


Ask your student:

How many times can paper be recycled?

What uses less energy: making new paper or making paper from recycled material?

Science@IMSA – Thursday: Greenhouse Gas Lab

Science@IMSA – Thursday: Greenhouse Gas Lab

This Thursday, our students spent the day in the greenhouse: Earth! We learned how sunlight comes through the atmosphere and gets absorbed by the land and gasses in the atmosphere, trapping heat. Students collected and graphed data to analyze.

Ask your student:

What type of radiation holds the most heat? (Infrared)

What does the greenhouse effect mean for Earth? (Global warming)


C.S.IMSA Belleville – Thursday: Drops to DNA Part 1

C.S.IMSA Belleville – Thursday: Drops to DNA Part 1

Today our CSI technicians began what will be a two day process to extract DNA from a broken vase found at the crime scene. In order to prepare themselves to discover what should be the most convincing piece of evidence, students learned about the extraction process by using their own DNA!

After their training, investigators are ready to process the last piece of evidence tomorrow!

Ask your student:

What was one substance you used in the extraction of your own DNA? (Gatorade, soap, meat tenderizer, alcohol)

Gold Medal STEM – Thursday: Egghead

Gold Medal STEM – Thursday: Egghead

Did the egg crack? Ask your students and find out how their group did! Today in class the students worked on making a helmet for an egg, so when the egg was dropped it would not crack. Students used plastic spoons, Styrofoam cups, and flexible cardboard as the harder surfaces, while others used bubble wrap cotton materials, and moldable fiberglass.  Some trials were definitely messier than others, but it was all for science!

Ask your students:

Did their egg crack?

What materials did you use?

How did you pick those materials?