STEMvironment-Friday: Energy House

STEMvironment-Friday: Energy House

This week students used various materials to insulate a cardboard house and then test its efficiency. students will explore concepts of energy involving efficiency and conservation.  Students practiced engineering and science principles through hands-on building and testing.  Today students analyzed the changes they made to their house to see if they improved the energy efficiency, then shared their houses with the group.

At the conclusion of today your students each were given a peat pellet and a sunflower seed (like the boy in Seuss’s The Lorax) with instructions on how to germinate it. We urge you all to plant it and transplant it outdoors!

  1. Set the pellet inside a small tray to keep it upright.
  2. Add an inch of water into the tray.
  3. It could take 30-60 minutes for the pellet to fully absorb the water and expand to a height of 3 inches.
  4. Empty excess water and plant the pellet in a seedling pot.
  5. Plant two seeds in the pellet, in case one doesn’t germinate.
  6. Cover with plastic to keep moisture in. It won’t require additional watering until the seeds sprout or until the pellet surface begins to dry out.
  7. Place near a sunlit window as they require 6-8 hours of light daily.
  8. Once the first seedling emerges, remove the plastic and apply basic care.

Science@IMSA – Friday: Experiment Result Presentations

Science@IMSA – Friday: Experiment Result Presentations

Students finished up the week by presenting their research projects to their fellow classmates.

By being able to communicate and show off their hard work, our students have completed their transformation into knowledgeable ecologists!

Ask your student:

How has your experience changed the way you view our planet?

What can you do to conserve and use resources in a more sustainable way?

Gold Medal STEM – Friday: Let’s Race

Gold Medal STEM – Friday: Let’s Race

Swimming-a fish’s mode of transportation. We sometimes take our fish-like ability for granted. Yet, have you ever seen a mechanical swimmer? Today students were able to use their engineering skills to make mechanical swimmers and race them against each other. Students observed their work come to life and were able to further develop their problem solving skills by suggesting new ways of improving their mechanical swimmers!

C.S.IMSA Belleville – Friday: Drops to DNA Part 2

C.S.IMSA Belleville – Friday: Drops to DNA Part 2

The case has been cracked! Our junior forensic scientists worked in the lab today in order to extract DNA from the pieces of a broken vase that were found at the crime scene. After analyzing the evidence and comparing it to the DNA samples from several key suspects, the CSI team has identified the culprit!

Students concluded the week with a successfully cracked case, and experience with real CSI science!

Ask your student:

Were your suspicions from earlier in the week correct? If not, what evidence changed them?

Thank you to all of our Volunteers in Belleville!

Thank you to all of our Volunteers in Belleville!

Many of the MetroEast (Belleville) volunteers return year after year.  They look forward to making new friends and strengthening their leadership skills, all while instilling a passion for math and science in young people.  These volunteers work long hours and are very responsible, well organized, and willing to take on additional tasks.

Our volunteer group leaders play an essential role in the delivery of I.M.S.A. enrichment programs.  They provide support and assistance to the classroom instructors who deliver the lessons. Group leaders provide a learning environment whereby participants can take risks while exploring new subject matter in a “learn-by-doing” manner.  They also supervise and interact with participants during free time and are ultimately responsible for their whereabouts.

These individuals have a vested interest in assisting students, ensuring that they have a successful experience in our summer program. We cannot thank them enough for their hard work!