Thank you to all of our Volunteers in Belleville!

Thank you to all of our Volunteers in Belleville!

Many of the MetroEast (Belleville) volunteers return year after year.  They look forward to making new friends and strengthening their leadership skills, all while instilling a passion for math and science in young people.  These volunteers work long hours and are very responsible, well organized, and willing to take on additional tasks.

Our volunteer group leaders play an essential role in the delivery of I.M.S.A. enrichment programs.  They provide support and assistance to the classroom instructors who deliver the lessons. Group leaders provide a learning environment whereby participants can take risks while exploring new subject matter in a “learn-by-doing” manner.  They also supervise and interact with participants during free time and are ultimately responsible for their whereabouts.

These individuals have a vested interest in assisting students, ensuring that they have a successful experience in our summer program. We cannot thank them enough for their hard work!