Engineering@IMSA – Monday: Designing Hearts

Engineering@IMSA – Monday: Designing Hearts

It’s the rise of the robot revolution! Our engineers have learned one of their tasks for the week – as employees of ACME Bio-Tech Company, they must create a working heart for a new product line of household robots. The first step in this process was to learn how the heart functions as a machine. Once our engineers learned the structures of the heart, it was time to create their first model prototype. Using modeling clay and foam, they built individual fist-size hearts to serve as a prototype for the large working hearts they will begin tomorrow.

Will their hearts be pumping by the end of the week? Stay tuned to find out!

C.S.IMSA – Monday: Observation 101

C.S.IMSA – Monday: Observation 101

The detectives have called in the CSI unit, and our junior forensic scientists are on the case! The investigation is well under way, with students honing their observation skills by spotting hidden objects in various pictures. They also practiced their mastery of memory and recall by seeing a series of objects and attempting to remember what was shown.

Investigators will continue to utilize their observational talent throughout the week as they attempt to solve the case!

Ask your student:

What evidence have you collected so far in the case?

How did you do in your observation and memory skills practice?