C.S.IMSA – Tuesday: Lift a Finger

C.S.IMSA – Tuesday: Lift a Finger

Our CSI team is well on its way to cracking the case! Today, the scientists-in-training delved into the study of fingerprints. They first fingerprinted themselves in order to learn about the different recognizable fingerprint patterns. Students then examined the fingerprint evidence collected from the crime scene and attempted to match it with prints collected later from suspects.

Our investigators have had a busy two days, but there is more forensic science to be done before the culprit can be apprehended!

Ask your student:

What are the three characteristic fingerprint patterns? (loops, whorls, and arches)

After two days, do you have any theories about the case?

Engineering@IMSA – Tuesday: What is the Heart’s Purpose?

Engineering@IMSA – Tuesday: What is the Heart’s Purpose?

Today our engineers learned about the heart as a machine.  Our hearts are able to pump blood throughout our entire bodies – that is quite a pump! Not only does the heart have to pump blood, it has to be able to change blood flow based on the body’s demand. After learning about the types of pumps the heart uses the engineers used that knowledge to continue perfecting their heart models.

Integrated Science – Tuesday: Water and Organisms

Integrated Science – Tuesday: Water and Organisms

Today the group looked at water from a more biological standpoint, in terms of how it relates to cells and bodies’ function.  In the morning they did a lab focused on dialysis, something that has real world application in medicine, and in the afternoon they looked at the process of photosynthesis, which is essential to support all life on our planet.