C.S.IMSA – Wednesday: Tie Dyes

C.S.IMSA – Wednesday: Tie Dyes

The crime scene team began analyzing a promising new lead today by testing oil samples found on the driveway at the crime scene and comparing them with oil samples from suspects’ driveways. Students discovered the uses for the science of chromatography by watching how different colors separate, and using that information to match the crime scene oil with a likely culprit.

Our forensic scientists are developing a clearer picture of the case, and feel close to a breakthrough!

Ask your student:

What is chromatography used for? (separating materials)

What new information did you learn from your evidence analysis today?

Engineering@IMSA – Wednesday: Heart Failure

Engineering@IMSA – Wednesday: Heart Failure

The heart, like all machines, has times where its electrical and mechanical systems fail. Our budding engineers learned how the heart can fail and what symptoms the failure causes to our bodies. With this new knowledge in hand, our engineers continued building their working heart models taking particular care to repair any failures and re-engineer to prevent future failures.

Mr. Kapitanoff did a great demonstration with a pump today in class!


Integrated Science – Wednesday: Carbon Dioxide

Integrated Science – Wednesday: Carbon Dioxide

Today our integrated scientists examined  how carbon dioxide and water intersect in our bodies and in our environment by looking at pH and temperature change as related to water, as well as the sources of carbon dioxide in our local area for Illinois. Students examined the process of photosynthesis using spinach, a syringe to remove initial oxygen, different colored paper, and light. They also created an ecosystem board game that emphasized the critical role water plays in the planet’s hydrologic cycle.