Integrated Science – Thursday: Ecosystems

Integrated Science – Thursday: Ecosystems

On Thursday, students will further examine how water and the environment are tied together in ecosystem interactions.  Students modeled how different organisms in an aquatic ecosystem interact with one another and are impacted by changes in their ecosystem, and then students tested this by designing an experiment using Daphnia magna, or tiny water fleas.

C.S.IMSA – Thursday: Drops to DNA Part 1

C.S.IMSA – Thursday: Drops to DNA Part 1

Today our CSI technicians began what will be a two day process to extract DNA from a broken vase found at the crime scene. In order to prepare themselves to discover what should be the most convincing piece of evidence, students learned about the extraction process by using their own DNA!

After their training, investigators are ready to process the last piece of evidence tomorrow!

IMG_2630 - edit DNA
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Ask your student:

What was one substance you used in the extraction of your own DNA? (Gatorade, soap, meat tenderizer, alcohol)