Engineering@IMSA – Friday: Putting it All Together

Engineering@IMSA – Friday: Putting it All Together

The final day is here! Our engineers have completed their working heart models along with manufacturing design plan instructions. Having completed their task, our engineers presented their work to  their parents to showcase the amazing robot hearts! Watch out world, the robots are coming!

Friday’s Parent Presentation


Our Engineers hard at work!

C.S.IMSA – Friday: Drops to DNA Part 2

C.S.IMSA – Friday: Drops to DNA Part 2

The case has been cracked! Our junior forensic scientists worked in the lab today in order to extract DNA from the pieces of a broken vase that were found at the crime scene. After analyzing the evidence and comparing it to the DNA samples from several key suspects, the CSI team has identified the culprit!

Students concluded the week with a successfully cracked case, and experience with real CSI science!



<–DNA extracted from the scene of the crime!


Ask your student:

Were your suspicions from earlier in the week correct? If not, what evidence changed them?


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