Math@IMSA: Tuesday

Math@IMSA: Tuesday

Students are exploring the patterns and relationships between the numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence. Using manipulatives, cut-outs and graph paper students dove into the construction of sequences. Continuing their exploration of patterns students used street maps to explore Pascal’s Triangle. Working in small groups students explored the relationships between Fibonacci Numbers, Pascal’s Triangle and the Golden Ratio. This lead to the exploration of irrational numbers and the embedded fractions within each challenging sequence!

Ask your student:

Ask your student to summarize some of the properties they learned about today!

Ask them what was the most interesting thing they learned about a sequence of numbers?

What’s Up with Water? Tuesday: Watershed Pollution

What’s Up with Water? Tuesday: Watershed Pollution

Our wonderful water experts began their exploration of watersheds and the effect of pollution on the ocean and marine life. Students worked in pairs to simulate pollution within water systems using food color. They were asked to predict the pollutant’s route and hypothesize how far it would travel: “It’s going to flow in the direction of the largest body of water,” one student hypothesized.

Not only were the students able to build an accurate model of a watershed, but they also applied their new knowledge to form new opinions and inquiries about the wide world of water around them!

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Vital Signs @ McKendree – Tuesday: You’ve Got Heart!

Vital Signs @ McKendree – Tuesday: You’ve Got Heart!

Day 2 is over, and our daring dissectors have had an in-depth look at the workings of every mammal’s most important organ: the heart! During their exploration, students continued to recognize the relationship between structure and function that is present everywhere in biological structures. One student commented, “Every piece of the organ has a specific job, and everything is efficient!”

The scientists-in-training will continue to explore this connection between structure and function as the week goes on!

Ask your student:

What are the jobs of the atria and ventricles of the heart? (Atria take blood from body back into the heart; ventricles pump blood to lungs and then back to the body.)

What is the difference between a vein and an artery? (arteries carry blood away from the heart; veins carry blood to the heart)