Extreme Math & Science Thursday: Modeling

Extreme Math & Science Thursday: Modeling

Today in Extreme Math and Science, students created their own model from scratch on Vensim. They came up with their own ideas for their model and then created it. After it was created they ran different checks on it and then saw how the unknown factors affected the model.

Ask your students: How did your group create your model?

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MYTHconceptions 6-29: An Explosion of Pop-Rocks

MYTHconceptions 6-29: An Explosion of Pop-Rocks

Have you ever heard someone say that if you eat Pop-Rocks and drink lots of soda at the same time, it will cause your stomach to explode? Well the students today tested this out! They used various types of soda, a packet of Pop-Rocks, and a balloon.  The students said it was exciting to see the balloons blow up from the released gasses in the Pop-Rocks and soda!

Ask your student: What gas was released from the Pop-Rocks and the soda? (Carbon Dioxide) What did you think would happen in this experiment? What evidence supported the myth? What evidence did not support the myth?

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Chicago STEMvironment 6/29: Pond Water!

Chicago STEMvironment 6/29: Pond Water!

Today, in STEMvironment, the students analyzed samples of water from a local pond to look for insect nymphs which can be seen with the naked eye. Students learned the importance of a healthy ecosystem and that in aquatic ecosystems, the more diverse the organisms in a body of water, the more vibrant and healthy it is. Using this knowledge, students could analyze the health of the ecosystem from which the water sample was gathered.

Ask your student: What is a macroinvertebrate? (A small animal without a backbone that can be seen without a stereoscope or microscope)

Engineering Explorations 6-29: Racing Against the Sun

Engineering Explorations 6-29: Racing Against the Sun

Today, our engineers explored how their knowledge could be applied to the real world, by building solar cars! In this first part of a two part lesson, the students tested how different types of light effected their motors. Then, they got the wheel rolling by creating the body of their solar cars. Tomorrow they’ll complete their cars and put them to the test!

Ask your student: What is a solar cell? (It’s the “battery” of the car; it converts light into energy)

Fun fact:  The first solar cars were built in the 1950’s.