Engineering Explorations 7/11: Boat Building

Engineering Explorations 7/11: Boat Building

This week, our engineers are building boats using simple items. Today they used aluminum foil to build their boats to test how much weight they could hold. They learned principles about load, and about the Archimedes Principle!

Ask your students: How did the Archimedes Principle relate to your activity today? Why do you think this Principle is important to know? (Answers will vary)

MicroSTEM 7-11: Thermodynamics Part 2

MicroSTEM 7-11: Thermodynamics Part 2

Students continued their exploration in thermodynamics today with another heating experiment. Yesterday, students started with a beaker of ice, which they heated until the water boiled. They created a time versus temperature graph of their collected data in order to observe how phase changes affect temperature. Today, students performed the same experiment with a twist: they added salt to the water. They created another graph, and compared how the salt affected the time vs. temperature curve.

Ask your student: How did adding salt change the way your graph looked? (boiling point increased, reduced the time it took to melt) What do the plateaus on the graph represent? (phase changes)


App & Game Development 7-11

App & Game Development 7-11

We continued our exploration into the Construct 2 development platform today! In the morning, students learned about sprites and events/actions by creating a virtual piano, which they were able to play. After the basics of Construct 2 had been mastered, our goal became to create a real video game. Students worked hard on a “Bubble Popping” game, which expanded on the basics of Construct 2 to create a fully fledged game that has sounds, scores, and lives!

Ask your student: What was the highest score you were able to get on your Bubble Popper?