App & Game Development Thursday, 7-13

App & Game Development Thursday, 7-13

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Today was an exciting day for our program; students started their own games from scratch! Having finished the tutorial series, students are using their knowledge of Construct 2 to create anything they want. From tower defense games, to Melee-esque fighter games, to card games, the programs being made are all quite interesting and completely of the students’ invention. Tomorrow students will be able to finish their projects, and present them to parents for the conclusion of our App and Game Development program!

Engineering Explorations 7-13: Racing Against the Sun

Engineering Explorations 7-13: Racing Against the Sun

Today, our engineers explored how their knowledge could be applied to the real world, by building solar cars! In this first part of a two part lesson, the students tested how different types of light effected their motors. Then, they got the wheel rolling by creating the body of their solar cars. Tomorrow they’ll complete their cars and put them to the test!

Ask your student: What is a solar cell? (It’s the “battery” of the car; it converts light into energy)

Fun fact:  The first solar cars were built in the 1950’s.

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MicroSTEM 7-13: Magnifying Microscopes

MicroSTEM 7-13: Magnifying Microscopes

Today, the investigation of different kinds of magnifying devices continued. Students got the chance to go outside and collect various samples of their choice. After collection, the samples were brought inside to be analyzed with a compound light microscope. Students also reviewed the various parts of a compound microscope, and the importance of each part in the function of the microscope as a whole.

Ask your student: What similarities and differences did you notice when you were using the different tools for magnification (MicroPhone lens, hand lens, compound light microscope, and stereoscope)?

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