MicroSTEM 7-14: Applied Circuitry

MicroSTEM 7-14: Applied Circuitry

Today, in MircoSTEM, the students examined real circuits in a calculator to see how a calculator functions and explore how numbers are displayed. Students focused on the display of the calculator, in particular how numbers are displayed using a 7-segment display.

Ask your student: What type of numerical display do most four function calculators have? (7-segment) What type of numerical display do most graphing calculators have? (Dot matrix)

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App & Game Development 7-14

App & Game Development Friday, 7-14

In our final day of App and Game Development, students finished their final applications, and presented them! The imagination and variety of games from the class was truly astonishing. Students not only created games based on our tutorials, but games that went far beyond the simple applications they started with on Monday. It wouldn’t be surprising to see some of them be published one day! While there were difficulties along the way, every student created something they can call their own, and every student should be proud of what they’ve made. We hope you all have a good summer, and that we can see you again!


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Engineering Explorations 7-14: Rube Goldberg Competition

Engineering Explorations 7-14: Rube Goldberg Competition

Today students finished their Rube Goldberg machines, and took turns demonstrating them to the rest of the class! Using the Rube Rubric, each team was evaluated for the competition, and had the opportunity to observe all the different machines that were made.

Ask your student: How well did your Rube Goldberg machine perform?

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