Integrated Science – Friday, 7-21-17

Integrated Science – Friday, 7-21-17

Today was the last day of the Integrated Science program. All of the students are enjoying it and seem sad that it’s over! The students spent the morning presenting their ecosystem research posters to their classmates. There were some great questions and discussion! During free time, some of the students signed each other’s Summer@IMSA T-shirts. In the afternoon they finished up presentations and competed post-tests/surveys on the program. The week concluded with a presentation to parents on all of the great work from the week! (Check back next week to see all the posters online!)


STEMvironment 7/21: Air Pollution

STEMvironment 7/21: Air Pollution

Students today worked as scientists working for the environmental protection agency! As agents of the EPA, students collected their particle collectors, and observed the materials that were collected. By joining the data of the entire class, we were able to map the areas of greatest air pollution, and evaluate just where the most pollution occurred.

 Ask your student: What gas do we need to breathe to survive? (Oxygen) What is the best way to deal with air pollution? (Prevention) What is done to clean air we breathe indoors? (Air filtration)

MicroSTEM 7-21: Applied Circuitry

MicroSTEM 7-21: Applied Circuitry

Today, in MircoSTEM, the students examined real circuits in a calculator to see how a calculator functions and explore how numbers are displayed. Students focused on the display of the calculator, in particular how numbers are displayed using a 7-segment display.

Ask your student: What type of numerical display do most four function calculators have? (7-segment) What type of numerical display do most graphing calculators have? (Dot matrix)