Summer @IMSA Preparations!!!

IMG_1634Did you know that in each of our day programs, students are doing no fewer than FOUR theme-based yet distinct hands-on explorations each day? All of this hands-on, minds on STEM requires a lot of stuff, and we have been busy readying everything from acids and bases,  to live ant colonies, to agar plates for our campers to use in their explorations!

IMG_1629SITE interns work on their inquiry-based pedagogy skills under the direction of IMSA curriculum specialists. Did you know that the curriculum for IMSA student enrichment programs are created and developed by IMSA curriculum writers? All of IMSA’s programs are directed by IMSA staff and many of our day programs in Aurora and Chicago are taught by members of IMSA’s high school Allies or college SITE programs. IMSA Allies also serve as group leaders/counselors in each program.

IMG_1588All IMSA permanent and summer staff are trained and certified in child and adult CPR, first aid, and AED.