Musicology @ Aurora – Tuesday

Musicology @ Aurora – Tuesday

Today, the students put on their creative thinking caps when they were tasked to create their own harmonica songs! Ask your child to play their creation (or their mastered Mary had a Little Lamb) for you as they will be bringing their instrument home tonight. These creative juiced kept flowing as the students finished building their electronic instruments and were encouraged to perform a song of their choice for their peers. Additionally, the students put their hands to work by building their own hand-pipe instrument which they will be expanding upon later in the week. To tie this cacophony of sound all together, the students explored an online PHET simulation where they could explore sound wave and their properties further.


Ask your students:

If you increase the amplitude of a sound what happens? (The sound becomes louder)

What were the 4 components of your electronic instrument? (Battery, Vibration circuit, speaker, keyboard circuit)


Book Recommendation: The Way to Stay in Destiny By Augusta Scattergood

This young adult novel is recommended for 4th-7th grade students.

From Amazon: “When Theo gets off a bus in Destiny, Florida, he’s left behind the only life he’s ever known. Now he’s got to live with Uncle Raymond, a Vietnam War vet and a loner who wants nothing to do with this long-lost nephew. Thank goodness for Miss Sister Grandersole’s Boarding House and Dance School. The piano that sits in Miss Sister’s dance hall calls to Theo. He can’t wait to play those ivory keys. When Anabel arrives things get even more enticing. This feisty girl, a baseball fanatic, invites Theo on her quest to uncover the town’s connection to old-time ball players rumored to have lived there years before. A mystery, an adventure, and a musical exploration unfold as this town called Destiny lives up to its name.”