Musicology – Wednesday 

Musicology – Wednesday

Today, the students put their knowledge of sound waves and their frequencies to practical application to discover octave equivalency; they found patterns in notes and chords by playing their own virtual pianos. Additionally, students worked more on improving their hand-pipes and electronic instruments by creating drumming levelers and reverse engineering a speaker, respectively. Finally, students related language to music and discovered new ways of music representation and possibly teaching!


Ask your students:

What patterns did you see in frequencies of notes that sound well together? (They were equal factions apart)

What were the basic parts of your speaker? (Wire coil, cup, and magnets)


Book Recommendation: Hiding Out at the Pancake Place By Nan Marino

From Amazon: “Eleven-year-old musical prodigy, Elvis Ruby, was supposed to win the most coveted reality show on television, Tween Star. None of the other contestants even came close to his talents. But in the middle of the biggest night, with millions of people watching, Elvis panicked. He forgot the words to the song. He forgot the tune. He forgot how to play every single instrument he’d ever known and froze on national TV. So Elvis must run from the paparazzi camped outside his door and spend the summer working with his aunt and cousin at Piney Pete’s Pancake Palace in the remote wilds of New Jersey. It’s the perfect place to be anonymous, that is until Elvis meets Cecilia, a girl who can’t seem to help blurting out whatever’s on her mind.”