Roller Coaster Fun! – Makey Lab

Roller Coaster Fun! – Makey Lab

Bring on the twists and turns! After successfully saving the fairy tale world from the disasters earlier in the week, our campers were tasked with designing something fun and exciting for the elves and fairies – a roller coaster! The campers experimented with the different materials and found their perfect heights for the hills and loops. They are all prepared to build and test their coasters tomorrow.

Ask your camper: Did the balls roll down the tubing faster when the tubing was held more or less steep? Why?


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Egghead – Game Day STEM 

Egghead – Game Day STEM

Helmets are designed to protect the cyclist’s head against various types of impact. Many materials are used in cycling helmets. The camper’s job was to analyze the use and effectiveness of materials similar to those used in helmets. Ultimately, the campers will use some of these materials to design and test a small helmet to protect an egg from impact.

Ask your camper: What materials did you select to build your helmet? Why did you select these materials?

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Solar Cars – Engineering Explorations

Solar Cars – Engineering Explorations

Today, our engineers explored how their knowledge could be applied to the real world, by building solar cars! In this first part of a two part lesson, the students tested how different types of light effected their motors. Then, they got the wheel rolling by creating the body of their solar cars. Tomorrow they’ll complete their cars and put them to the test!

Ask your student: What is a solar cell? (It’s the “battery” of the car; it converts light into energy)

Fun fact:  The first solar cars were built in the 1950’s.

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Physiology & Biomedical Engineering – Day 4

Physiology & Biomedical Engineering – Day 4

On our second-to-last day of camp and students were in full testing/troubleshooting mode with their Digestion Invention projects, making sure that their models are able to properly digest (multiple) meals without getting “clogged up” and/or blown out. Teams also got time to work on their PowerPoint presentations which they will be showing at tomorrow’s Open House.

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