Game Day STEM – Catapult Olympics 

Game Day STEM – Catapult Olympics

Today the campers wrapped up their catapult designs! After testing and building yesterday, they put the final touches on their catapults. Using their catapults the campers designed new sports games they could play. Some examples were catapult-basketball, catapult-long jump, and catapult soccer. They also created the accompanying game equipment like nets and hoops.

Ask your camper: What is the optimal angle of release for your catapult?


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Physiology & Biomedical Engineering Day 5

Physiology & Biomedical Engineering Day 5

An exciting finish to our wonderful week with our parent open house!! Students were able to show off all the great knowledge they have gained throughout the week through hands-on demos of their working models as well as the powerpoint presentations they put together in their groups. Students were also given the opportunity to put their surgeon skills to the test with a laparoscopic surgery simulation that required them to inspect & excise cancerous tissue.

Thank you again to everyone for a fabulous week! Have a safe & joyous rest of your summers!!


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Engineering Explorations: Rube Goldberg Machines

Engineering Explorations: Rube Goldberg Machines

Today students made their final adjustments to their system of Rube Goldberg machines!! Campers used their knowledge of machines they have acquired throughout the week in conjunction with their awesome experiences working as engineering teams to refine, retest, and redesign aspects of their Rube Goldberg apparatuses, as needed!!  Each group demonstrated their work to the rest of the class as a culmination of their hard work and dedication!

Ask your student: How did your teams’ machine perform during the competition? (answers vary, by team)

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Makey Lab – Toy Creations

Makey Lab – Toy Creations

Today our inventors finished their toy creations! Each camper now has a completed, one-of-a-kind toy to bring home and show off. They worked hard all week designing, building, testing, and finalizing their finished product. After the toys were finished, each group of campers had to give a sales pitch to the other campers to try and sell them on their toy idea.

Ask your camper: Share the sales pitch you gave on your toy!

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