Integrated Science – Day 1

Integrated Science – Day 1

In the morning, students had a thorough introduction to lab safety, including a safety scavenger hunt in the lab. They were also introduced to microscopes and practiced viewing and adjusting the scopes with pre-made slides with various types of healthy and unhealthy cells. In the afternoon, Integrated Science participants explored dissolving, reacting, solubility and miscibility. Students also shared their “about me” collages, and additional students will continue doing so on Tuesday.

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Game Day STEM – Spin

Game Day STEM – Spin

If you’ve ever wondered how pitchers are able to throw wicked curve balls or soccer players are able to “bend it like Beckham” then today’s lesson will help solve the mystery! Today students were able to learn & explore the Magnus Effect – the cool physics phenomenon behind these “mind-bending” sports feats. In class students practiced applying this technique and analyzing the difference the additional spin had on how their projectile’s trajectory.

At Home: Ask your camper to demonstrate the magnus effect.

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Chemapalooza – Fizzy First Day of Fun

Chemapalooza – Fizzy First Day of Fun

Our 2019 Chemapalooza Party has gotten off to a delightfully fizzy start thanks to the great chemical minds of our scientists and their understanding of how physical and chemical changes work. Today, campers learned how to identify whether different mixtures of ingredients result in a physical or chemical reaction and then were able to apply that knowledge in order to create beautifully fragrant & stress-busting bath fizzers to take home with them.

Ask your scientist: What are some of the tell-tale signs that a chemical reaction took place?

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