Integrated Science – Day 2

Integrated Science – Day 2

Students trekked out to one of IMSA’s best kept secrets – the No Pond (thusly named on an early campus map to keep students away from it!) where they collected water samples and compared their findings with tap water. They examined the water samples under the microscope and looked for microorganisms that they later identified using a computer. They compared drawings of the different organisms, discussed why different organisms exist in pond water and tap water, and identified factors that promote their survival. Students found hydra, green algae, and shelled amoebas, among others!


Game Day STEM – What’s your Vertical?

Game Day STEM – What’s your Vertical?

Humans may not have evolved the ability to fly but there are humans out there who can achieve vertical (jumps) of up to 60 inches (His Royal Airness, Michael Jordan, was able to regularly clock-in with a vertical jump of at least 40 inches for his dunks)! Today students investigated how the position of their body affects the ways in which it can move. Investigations included how much we should bend our knees or what we should do with our arms (before and during take-off) in order to optimize resulting jump height. Our athletes used a special tool to measure knee flexion angles (how much we bend our knees) to determine how high they could jump when bending their knees at various flexion angles! They had to keep their arm position consistent for each jump, too!

Ask your camper: What was the name of the tool we used to measure knee flexion? (goniometer)

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Chemapalooza – Gummy Bears & Ice Cream

Chemapalooza – Gummy Bears & Ice Cream

What do gummy bears look like after being soaked in different solutions? Today, campers found out when they examined the results from a quick experiment they had set-up yesterday! Our young Chemical Investigators used these gummy bear data and results to plan and set-up a similar experiment using water beads! Campers were challenged to design an experiment in order to determine how the size of water beads is affected by different liquids!

Ask your camper: What is a solute? (something that has been dissolved in a liquid)

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