Game Day STEM – What’s your Vertical?

Game Day STEM – What’s your Vertical?

Humans may not have evolved the ability to fly but there are humans out there who can achieve vertical (jumps) of up to 60 inches (His Royal Airness, Michael Jordan, was able to regularly clock-in with a vertical jump of at least 40 inches for his dunks)! Today students investigated how the position of their body affects the ways in which it can move. Investigations included how much we should bend our knees or what we should do with our arms (before and during take-off) in order to optimize resulting jump height. Our athletes used a special tool to measure knee flexion angles (how much we bend our knees) to determine how high they could jump when bending their knees at various flexion angles! They had to keep their arm position consistent for each jump, too!

Ask your camper: What was the name of the tool we used to measure knee flexion? (goniometer)

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