Game Day STEM – Cycling Fun!

Game Day STEM – Cycling Fun!

The quest for the optimal knee flexion angle continues! Today we shifted our focus from achieving the highest vertical jump to figuring out how to reach the fastest cycling speeds through the power of our knees and how we choose to bend & extend them. Students played the role of cycling coaches and analyzed various training video clips to try and determine the knee flexion range that produced the best results in terms of both power and speed. (Fun Fact: The current high speed cycle record was set by American cycler Denise Mueller-Korenek in 2018 when she accelerated up to a speed of 183.93 mph after being initially dragged by a race car to a “starting speed” of 100mph.)

Ask your camper: What is the optimal knee flexion angle that gives bicyclists maximum efficiency? (Maximum efficiency occurs when the minimum knee flexion occurs at approximately 67°- 70° and the maximum knee flexion occurs at around 120°-130°.)

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