Integrated Science – Day 4

Integrated Science – Day 4

In the morning, our budding scientists did more tests of the effects of pollutants on daphnia, and they also investigated the effect that adding a solute has to the freezing and boiling point of water.

In the afternoon, they put the knowledge gained through the freezing/boiling point lab my making ice cream in a bag by lowering the freezing point of the ingredients through the use of salt. Students also worked on the presentations they will be sharing when parents visit the lab tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.

Ask your student: what are the colligative properties of a solution?

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Game Day STEM – Gold Medal Archers!

Game Day STEM – Gold Medal Archers!

Katniss & Hawkeye aren’t the only ones in town who know how to handle a bow & arrow! Today, our aspiring archers designed and tested their own bows & “arrows” (don’t worry, we kept it safe, parents). Students explored various factors relating to bow design as well as arrow design. It’s not easy creating a functional bow and arrow, given all the factors we can manipulate, so they had to troubleshoot and solve problems along the way. Campers explored some key physics concepts behind their design and how they can hit that coveted bullseye using their own equipment!

Ask your camper: What term is given to the speed and distance of an arrow when using a particular bow? (cast)

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Chemapalooza – Science of Flavors

Chemapalooza – Science of Flavors

Does our sense of smell impact the flavors we taste? Today, our young Culinary Chemists investigated how their senses contribute to flavor perception! They tried two different flavors of candy with and without their noses plugged! Then, they assessed their own ability to perceive other chemicals that have certain tastes. They discovered that there is variation in how everyone perceives the taste of these chemicals! 

Ask your camper: Why might food taste different if your nose is stuffy? (because you need both senses of taste and smell to experience full flavors)


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