Engineering Explorations – Quantities in Circuits

Engineering Explorations – Quantities in Circuits

Our Electrical Engineers were challenged to study and measure the voltage of different batteries using a particular type of equipment called a multimeter. But first, they ranked a variety of batteries based on what they thought was logical (usually size/shape).  Campers then measured the voltage of each battery to determine whether or not they need to revise their initial rankings. It was quite a “shock” that a huge D battery has the same amount of voltage as a much smaller AAA battery (1.5v) and a tiny coin battery has more voltage (3v) than a big D battery (1.5v). 

Ask your camper: Why would differently-sized batteries be needed if they all (AAA, AA, C and D) have the same voltage (1.5v)? (depends on the amount of current that is needed for the device that requires batteries)

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