Oceanography – Sea-ing Glasses

Oceanography – Sea-ing Glasses

Some of the most fascinating of sea creatures live in the deep ocean – deeper than rays of light can penetrate. Over generations, these sea creatures have changed colors to help them survive in the deepest parts of the ocean. Today the “under-the-sea interns” examined how light travels beneath the waves and how it affects the living organisms and their survival. The campers created specialty “sea glasses” that allow you to visualize how much light reaches the various depths of the ocean by layering blue cellophane. Using their sea glasses, the campers tested different color fabrics and images of marine life so they could see how visible the sea creatures are at different depths of the ocean. 

Ask your student: How does the coloration of the animal help it to survive at different depths of the ocean? 

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Video of Daphnia magna taken by one of our campers, Yash, with his phone and a micro-phone lens!