Makey Lab – Water Slides

Makey Lab – Water Slides

It was the final day of playground construction, and what better way to end a hot summer week than by building a water slide! Our campers constructed their very own working water slides. They had to figure out how to waterproof the materials, ensure the slide was tall enough, and make sure all the water didn’t spill off the sides. To test them, they used little plastic animals to go down the slides by pouring water at varying speeds. The campers were successful and the little animals had a blast too!

Ask your camper: How did you waterproof your slide? Maybe they used foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, or plastic cups

Makey Lab – Roller Coasters

Makey Lab – Roller Coasters 

Bring on the twists and turns! After successfully saving the fairytale world from the disasters earlier in the week, our campers were tasked with designing something fun and exciting for the elves and fairies – a roller coaster! The campers experimented with the different materials and found their perfect heights for the hills and loops. They are all prepared to build and test their coasters tomorrow/.

Ask your camper: Did the balls roll down the tubing faster when the tubing was held more or less steep? Why?

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Makey Lab – Morse Messages

Makey Lab – Morse Messages

Wireless communication is something that we use every day. But years ago, Morse Code was used to send messages. This form of communication was based on a series of dots and dashes that stood for individual letters and numbers which were sent by telegraph on radio channels. It was sent by whistle, buzzer, tapping, flags and many other ways! Using a buzzer  and a button switch, campers recreated the original Morse code and sent each other secret messages to decipher. 

Ask your camper: When listening to a sound code, how can you tell when a new word is starting? There are four seconds of silence between each word


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Makey Lab – Toy Creations

Makey Lab – Toy Creations

Inventing takes time, and our toy creators are on day two of making the final plans for their toy before building begins tomorrow. Today the toy inventors found out the materials they will have to work with, and they redesigned their toys accordingly. Engineers and inventors have materials restrictions, so it is important to learn to work having those restraints. What will the final toys look like? Stay tuned!

Ask your camper: After finding out what materials were available, how did your toy design change?

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Makey Lab – Playground Engineers

Makey Lab – Playground Engineers

It’s day one for our playground engineers! This week, our campers will create five different pieces of playground equipment. Today, they designed and built a seesaw. A seesaw is a lever, and the goal for our campers was to build a see saw that was perfectly balanced with two masses, one on each end, with a pivot point in the middle. The most difficult part of the process was designing that pivot point to allow the seesaw to easily tilt back and forth.

Ask your camper: What is the technical term for the pivot point? Fulcrum

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Chemapalooza – Ooey Gooey 

Chemapalooza – Ooey Gooey

There was a lot of ooey gooey goodness to end off our fantastic week of chemistry camp today! Today, our chemical engineers put their polymer knowledge to good use by mixing up a batch of bouncy balls according to an “industry-secret” recipe. They then evaluated the effectiveness of their bouncy balls by measuring & calculating their average bounce heights. 

Thank you for an amazing week, campers! I had a blast with all of you and hope to see you again soon. Have a great rest of your summer and an excellent school year! ❤ Megan

Ask your camper: What was the average bounce height his/her bouncy ball achieved? (What can be done to make the product even better?)


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Chemapalooza – Science of Flavors

Chemapalooza – Science of Flavors

Does our sense of smell impact the flavors we taste? Today, our young Culinary Chemists investigated how their senses contribute to flavor perception! They tried two different flavors of candy with and without their noses plugged! Then, they assessed their own ability to perceive other chemicals that have certain tastes. They discovered that there is variation in how everyone perceives the taste of these chemicals! 

Ask your camper: Why might food taste different if your nose is stuffy? (because you need both senses of taste and smell to experience full flavors)


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Chemapalooza’s Cool Crystals

Chemapalooza’s Cool Crystals

Crystals are one of earth’s most beautiful and fascinating creations, and today our scientists took a look at how they are formed! First the campers learned about the chemistry behind crystals through testing what solutes would dissolve in different solvents. Finally the campers used pipe cleaners and a saturated alum solution to create their own crystals overnight. We can’t wait until tomorrow when we will get to see how the crystals turned out! 

Ask your camper: What’s the technical term for something that gets dissolved? (solute) What’s the technical name for something that does the dissolving? (solvent)

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Chemapalooza – Gummy Bears & Ice Cream

Chemapalooza – Gummy Bears & Ice Cream

What do gummy bears look like after being soaked in different solutions? Today, campers found out when they examined the results from a quick experiment they had set-up yesterday! Our young Chemical Investigators used these gummy bear data and results to plan and set-up a similar experiment using water beads! Campers were challenged to design an experiment in order to determine how the size of water beads is affected by different liquids!

Ask your camper: What is a solute? (something that has been dissolved in a liquid)

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Chemapalooza – Fizzy First Day of Fun

Chemapalooza – Fizzy First Day of Fun

Our 2019 Chemapalooza Party has gotten off to a delightfully fizzy start thanks to the great chemical minds of our scientists and their understanding of how physical and chemical changes work. Today, campers learned how to identify whether different mixtures of ingredients result in a physical or chemical reaction and then were able to apply that knowledge in order to create beautifully fragrant & stress-busting bath fizzers to take home with them.

Ask your scientist: What are some of the tell-tale signs that a chemical reaction took place?

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