Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois: Who are they?

The Golden Apples Scholars of Illinois program recognizes talented students who demonstrate the passion and drive to become excellent teachers.  This scholarship program provides these scholars with financial stipends, residential summer institutes, and mentoring from a Golden Apple teacher.   In exchange, Golden Apple Scholars agree to work in high-needs schools.  IMSA and the Golden Apples program have been in partnership for 9 years.  This year, IMSA is pleased to host 30 scholars for a four week residential summer institute.

Scholars will be immersed almost immediately in preparing for delivering IMSA’s Statewide Student Initiatives Summer Program, Gold Medal STEM.  They will learn both content and pedagogical approaches to engage their learners in a journey through the 2016 Rio Olympic Games through the lens of force and motion.

Throughout the week, learners will design and develop a mechanical swimmer to meet a series of performance criteria and ultimately compete against a rival design.  They will explore materials and engineer a safety helmet for a cyclist, and will also explore properties of materials used in pole vaulting.  They will investigate rotational inertia, rolling resistance, gear ratios, and applications of Magnus force in Olympic ball sports.  Additionally, learners will use technology to graph motion and apply their knowledge to various sports scenarios.  They will design their own experiments to recommend appropriate materials for an Olympic swim team and will generate and test their own questions in discovering how divers minimize splash.  Other activities will have learners investigating third-class levers to determine which combination of ball and grip position is ideal for a field hockey player and reaching for new heights as they explore standing vertical jumps.

The Golden Apples Scholars look forward to the opportunity to engage and challenge summer campers as they explore the science, technology, engineering, and mathematical aspects of Olympic sports.

Gold Medal STEM: The Science Behind the Olympics

Gold Medal STEM:

The Science Behind the Olympics

Can’t make it to Rio this summer? Come to IMSA to examine the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math behind the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Students will design, build and race a robotics swimmer, re-engineer an archer’s bow, test cycling tires and gears, and more!  Participants will leave with an understanding of how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts can be harnessed to help athletes maximize their performance.

Vital Signs: Is there a Doctor in the House?

Vital Signs: Is there a Doctor in the House?

This program will give budding medical students a general understanding of human anatomy through hands-on explorations of the heart, blood, bones and muscles! Participants will also engage in a fun and challenging bioengineering project that will allow them to apply engineering principles and practices to the structure and function of the human body.