Frightful Fun FUNshop

Frightful Fun FUNshop:

Year round STEM enrichment opportunities

When it’s not summer, the IMSA Allies and the Statewide Student Initiatives Staff are hard at work preparing hands-on STEM experiences at our FUNshops.

On Friday the 13th of October, we held the “Frightful Fun FUNshop” here at IMSA. The night was complete with creepy-crawly hissing cockroaches and blood-sucking sea creatures.

For grades 3-4, Madacascar hissing cockroaches became test subjects as the participants experimented with different stimuli to see what really makes a cockroach scamper. The big finale was the races to see who has created the most enticing racing strategy for their roach!

Here are two of the winning teams with their roaches!


Participants in grades 5-6 learned that vampires are not the only creatures to gorge on blood! They dissected sea lampreys, ghoulish parasites known to feed off the blood of other animals, and discovered how their special anatomy makes blood the perfect meal. They then experimented with (fake) blood to learn about real blood’s cool properties… just in case anyone should turn into a vampire on this upcoming Halloween!

See below for some great shots of the night!

Grades 3-4: Cockroach Racing


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Grades 5-6: Lamprey Dissection and Blood Clotting Factors


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