Engineering@IMSA – Friday: Putting it All Together

Engineering@IMSA – Friday: Putting it All Together

The final day is here! Our engineers have completed their working heart models along with manufacturing design plan instructions. Having completed their task, our engineers presented their work to  their parents to showcase the amazing robot hearts! Watch out world, the robots are coming!

Friday’s Parent Presentation


Our Engineers hard at work!

Engineering@IMSA – Wednesday: Heart Failure

Engineering@IMSA – Wednesday: Heart Failure

The heart, like all machines, has times where its electrical and mechanical systems fail. Our budding engineers learned how the heart can fail and what symptoms the failure causes to our bodies. With this new knowledge in hand, our engineers continued building their working heart models taking particular care to repair any failures and re-engineer to prevent future failures.

Mr. Kapitanoff did a great demonstration with a pump today in class!


Engineering@IMSA – Tuesday: What is the Heart’s Purpose?

Engineering@IMSA – Tuesday: What is the Heart’s Purpose?

Today our engineers learned about the heart as a machine.  Our hearts are able to pump blood throughout our entire bodies – that is quite a pump! Not only does the heart have to pump blood, it has to be able to change blood flow based on the body’s demand. After learning about the types of pumps the heart uses the engineers used that knowledge to continue perfecting their heart models.

Engineering@IMSA – Monday: Designing Hearts

Engineering@IMSA – Monday: Designing Hearts

It’s the rise of the robot revolution! Our engineers have learned one of their tasks for the week – as employees of ACME Bio-Tech Company, they must create a working heart for a new product line of household robots. The first step in this process was to learn how the heart functions as a machine. Once our engineers learned the structures of the heart, it was time to create their first model prototype. Using modeling clay and foam, they built individual fist-size hearts to serve as a prototype for the large working hearts they will begin tomorrow.

Will their hearts be pumping by the end of the week? Stay tuned to find out!

Engineering @ IMSA

Engineering @ IMSA

Innovate through engineering! This course will engage learners in the application of the engineering process, as well as explore various types of engineering fields.  Working in teams, participants will apply the Engineering process to a relevant social issue in order to generate a possible solution.  The week will culminate with the participants presenting their solutions at an Engineering Showcase.