Integrated Science – Friday, 7-21-17

Integrated Science – Friday, 7-21-17

Today was the last day of the Integrated Science program. All of the students are enjoying it and seem sad that it’s over! The students spent the morning presenting their ecosystem research posters to their classmates. There were some great questions and discussion! During free time, some of the students signed each other’s Summer@IMSA T-shirts. In the afternoon they finished up presentations and competed post-tests/surveys on the program. The week concluded with a presentation to parents on all of the great work from the week! (Check back next week to see all the posters online!)


Integrated Science – Thursday, 7-20

Integrated Science – Thursday, 7-20

In the morning, the students learned about water-based ecosystems. They focused specifically on the effect that keystone microorganisms have on the ecosystem and the health of the keystone microorganism Daphnia, which can reflect the health of the whole ecosystem. They designed experiments to observe the heart rate of Daphnia in various pollutants, compared to water. Then, in the afternoon, they performed their experiment. The students also had ample time to complete their project work. They finished up their posters in the morning and practiced in the afternoon. They will be presenting their work tomorrow for parents and family!


Integrated Science – Wednesday, 7-19

Integrated Science – Wednesday, 7-19

In the morning, students performed a Red Cross dialysis simulation lab using osmosis principles. They tested 12 mystery solutions to see which would be the best cleaning solution and the best dialysate solution. After they got their results, they made posters to compare with others. Visitors from Northern Illinois University who are doing research on exemplary STEM enrichment programs filmed the lab and interviewed teachers and students about their experience at IMSA this week. After lunch and free time, the students learned about photosynthesis and created their own experiments to demonstrate their knowledge. They were allowed to test several variables and their goal was to induce photosynthesis in a piece of spinach.

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Integrated Science 7-18

Integrated Science 7-18

This morning, the students created graphs and examined trends on two data sets. For the first data set, they recorded their reach and their reach when they jumped. Then, the students recorded what temperature and at what time ice turned to water and then to steam when heated up. Afterwards, they observed the effect of adding salt to the water. The students created a class data set and made their own graphs to reach a conclusion for each activity. After lunch, the students had a tour of IN2, IMSA’s innovation center. In the afternoon, they applied their knowledge about how salt changes the temperature of ice and made ice cream! They also continued to work with their groups on their ecosystem projects.


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Integrated Science Program – Monday 7-17-17

Integrated Science Program – Monday 7-17-17

Today was the first day of the Integrated Science Residential Program. In the morning, the students explored polarity in a lab setting. They determined if 6 different solutions were polar or nonpolar by seeing if the solution was attracted to a charged rod. They created posters with their conclusions, and created posters about the field of science.  Then the students ate lunch and tie-dyed name tags. After lunch, they began to research their topic for their week-long project on water and ecosystems. Finally, they did a lab to compare dissolving and reacting by combining different solutions in test tubes and recording their observations.


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Integrated Science @ IMSA

Integrated Science @ IMSA

This uniquely IMSA program, combining two weeks of online learning followed by one week of engaging hands-on learning on campus in Aurora, explores the links between biology, chemistry, and physical science. Taught by IMSA faculty, participants delve into scientific topics including gas laws, osmosis/diffusion, and how water affects climate.
With a solid foundation from two weeks of online courses, students arrive at IMSA for a week of hands-on activities in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Students live in the residence halls, experiencing life at IMSA first hand as a student. At the conclusion of the program, students are presented with a Certificate of Completion.
This program is open to African American/Black, Latino, rural or low income students that have an interest and talent in STEM. Many program participants go on to apply and are accepted to IMSA’s three-year residential high school program.
The residential portion of this program is held at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, 1500 Sullivan Road, Aurora, and runs Monday through Friday, however students arrive on campus the Sunday evening prior at 6 pm.

Students must be entering 9th grade in fall 2017 and have completed a year of pre-algebra.

Summer 2017 is Almost Here!

Summer 2017 is Almost Here!

We are gearing up for summer 2017 and we are so excited to have all of you!

As we get closer to the start of our programs, here is some information that might be helpful to you.

Day Programs:

  • The program day begins at 8:30 a.m. and runs to 3:00 p.m. Morning drop-off/check in begins at 8:15 a.m. – and concludes at 8:30 a.m. Do NOT drop your child off prior to 8:15, as there will be so supervision available before this time.
  • Monday morning check-in: On the first day of the program, it is mandatory for parents to park and walk their participant to the summer program staff for first-day check-in. Your child will be assigned to a group leader who will be their same leader throughout the week.
  • Lunch is included in the program fee and provided through our food service, Sodexho. They offer many options for students, including burgers, macaroni and cheese, a salad bar, fresh fruit, and many other items. You may choose to send your child with a sack lunch if you prefer. Please note: the cafeteria is NOT a peanut free environment.
  • Pick up is promptly at 3:00 PM. We do not provide extended care. Please be timely and prompt with drop off and pick up for the best and safest experience for every participant.  Our personnel need to prepare for the next day after day programs end at 3:00 p.m.
  • Late Pickup Fee:  IMSA day programs end at 3 p.m.  Any parent/guardian picking up a child late will be assessed a fee of $15 per child for any pickup 15 minutes late and $1 per minute thereafter. Late fees are due on the child’s next day of camp.

Residential Programs:

  • Residential program check-in begins at 6:00 PM on the Sunday before the program start date. The entrance will change based on which dorms the students will be in. Please make note of this in your pre-program email!
  • Please plan on arriving to pick up your child between 1:45-1:55 p.m. the following Friday(the last day of the program). There will be a 30 minute program presentation/wrap-up starting promptly at 2:00 pm.
  • We do not honor requests to pair or group friends or relatives during their class during the day; however, they will have the opportunity to mingle during common activities such as lunch and free time.  Program participants are grouped at random to encourage a positive learning experience, meeting new friends while engaging in program activities.
  • We DO take requests for roommates. Friends or relatives (of the same gender) can be paired as roommates if both parties request each other by sending an email to us a Please include the program name and week offered, your child’s name, and the name of the child being requested as a roommate. We must receive this at least 10 days before the first date of your program to accommodate it.
  • Your child will be assigned to a group leader who will be their same leader throughout the week.