Physiology & Biomedical Engineering Day 5

Physiology & Biomedical Engineering Day 5

An exciting finish to our wonderful week with our parent open house!! Students were able to show off all the great knowledge they have gained throughout the week through hands-on demos of their working models as well as the powerpoint presentations they put together in their groups. Students were also given the opportunity to put their surgeon skills to the test with a laparoscopic surgery simulation that required them to inspect & excise cancerous tissue.

Thank you again to everyone for a fabulous week! Have a safe & joyous rest of your summers!!


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Physiology & Biomedical Engineering Day 3

Physiology & Biomedical Engineering – Day 3

A full work day was in store for our students today as they used the bulk of their class period to continue designing & engineering their Digestion Invention project. Students were also able to conduct some of their first preliminary test runs with their projects to ensure that all the different parts of their system are well-connected and that the GI tract is leak-proof.

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Physiology & Biomedical Engineering – Day 2

Physiology & Biomedical Engineering – Day 2

Today our students delved more into understanding the physiological aspects of the digestive system by learning about the magic of enzymes and how these special proteins are able to help us chemically digest all the different foods (and sometimes non-food items) we eat. Students were also officially introduced to the Digestion Invention project they will be working on throughout the week, which (if done successfully) will have the ability to mimic the mechanical & chemical digestion capabilities of a real, in vivo digestive system.

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Physiology & Biomedical Engineering

Physiology & Biomedical Engineering: Monday

Today our students got the chance to learn about digestive system anatomy in the most hands-on way possible – (short of getting a ride on the Magic School Bus…): Fetal Pig Dissections! Students were challenged to map out all the various parts of the digestive system and make connections between how the form/structure of an organ is matched with its function. Students were also able to begin their quest to digest as many interesting facts & trivia on the digestive system as possible… (We were also sure to thank all of the pigs for the noble sacrifice in the name of science.)

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Physiology and Biomedical Engineering

Physiology and Biomedical Engineering

Physiology and Biomedical Engineering have never worked better together than in this program! Students will learn physiology applications by using engineering to visualize the relationships between structure and function of both the digestive and cardiovascular systems. “Working” models of both systems will be designed, engineered, and built during the course of the week. Students will also have the opportunity to model different pathological conditions in their models such as atherosclerosis and Crohn’s disease and explain the biophysical and biochemical basis of their creations. Through model-building and testing, dissections, chemistry experiments, and possibly even a laparoscopic surgery simulation, students will come away with a newfound appreciation for these crucial systems. The week will culminate with the students presenting their creations at a showcase for parents.