Residental Counselors

Marcos Beltran – Residential Coordinator

Marcos has two years of experience as a Residential Counselor at IMSA, and will be returning to us this summer as our Residential Coordinator. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Carleton College. Marcos is excited for the opportunity to lead the Residential Life team and to learn from his new position!

Dennsa Mohamed

IMG_0303Dennsa,  who enjoys cooking and enjoying the unique culinary landscape of Chicago, is also joining us this summer. He is looking forward to learning the interests of the many students he’ll meet this summer, and maybe share a little about his interests with them too. Dennsa graduated from the University of Missouri St. Louis with his Masters of Science in Microbiology.

Jerami Johnson

1236382_10151762088078251_2006050973_n (1).jpgJermai is joining us again this summer, and he is looking forward to lots of laughs and a lot of fun with all the program participants.  Jerami has a BA in Sociology. If you are interested in painting or art, Jeremi is your guy. He loves to paint in his free time!



Ben Lepak

B. Lepak.jpg

Word of advice: don’t cross Ben – he learned to fence when he studied abroad in Japan. Ben earned his B.A. in Mathematics from St. Norbert College,  and now he is looking forward to working with the students and creating new friendships across the summer.


Chloe Katehis


Chloe graduated from North Park University with a BA in English. She is looking forward to all the fun activities with the student this summer. Chloe hails from California, and loves to swim.



LaDonna Hawthorne

image1 (4).JPGWe were so excited when LaDonna joined us in January of this year, and she is thrilled to be a Residential Counselor with us this summer. LaDonna earned a degree in Business Management from Concordia University Chicago, and in the past she attended and graduated from culinary school!

Derek Lough

Derek, who has previously taken students all the way to Nicaragua in the summer, is joining us again as a Residential Counselor for the Summer @ IMSA Programs. He is looking forward for the program MYTHconceptions!